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“Forever One” Memorial Concept Approved by Clark County

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It’s our humblest honor to be part of the team that was selected to design the Las Vegas Memorial, which will provide a place of remembrance for the individuals who perished in the largest mass shooting in US History, as well as for the 22,000 in attendance and first responders.

Our journey with this project began almost a year ago, led by JCJ Architecture, and under the guidance of the 1 October Memorial Committee. It was a process that started with two days of meetings with members of the Resiliency Center, family members, and first responders who generously shared invaluable insights. In the weeks that followed, our team engaged with the community to hear their stories and gain a deeper understanding of their experiences.

It has been an extremely emotional experience for us, and our deep connection with Las Vegas and four decades of designing there drove us forward. We can think of no better way to give back to the City that has been so good to us than to honor the victims, survivors, and all affected by this senseless tragedy.

The memorial concept, known as ‘The Forever One Memorial’ designed by JCJ Architecture, promises a range of experiences as visitors navigate through its infinity-shaped design. From the 22,000 points of light, symbolizing the audience present on October 1, 2017, visitors will pass beneath the 58-foot ‘Tower of Light,’ culminating at the ‘Remembrance Ring.’ The landscape architecture will honor the narrative and create an immersive, ever-evolving journey. Our top priority was to ensure that visitors feel a deep connection between the materials and the Las Vegas Valley and Mojave Desert.

We look forward to continuing the connections and relationships we’ve built throughout this journey. We do not take the trust placed in us by the County and the Committee lightly. Ultimately, the greatest gift we can offer is the presentation of a lifelong memorial that honors all those involved, to be visited by countless generations.

For more information about the design, please visit jcj.com/thememorial.”

The team consists of:

JCJ Architecture
Lifescapes International Inc.
Thinc Design, NY, NY
Lochsa Engineering
Bear Label Consulting Engineers
Lighting Design Alliance

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