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Global Mind Land in Haiyan – Now Selling!

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Our latest residential project in Haiyan, China (approximately 45 miles west of Shanghai) is part of the Riverside masterplan, which contains the first new Six Flags branded amusement park in China (Six Flags Zhejiang). The new park will contain a Hurricane Harbor water park, Six Flags Kids World and an adventure park.

The balance of the development will include a Paramount Pictures branded luxury hotel, an enormous entertainment retail complex, a world class medical campus, and several housing offerings.

The Sunac and Riverside Group Sales Center opened last month to showcase the residential lots, which are drawing people in from all over China.

Our team designed the park-like landscape environment for seven residential parcels, which includes towers and individual, elegant villas. Many of the parcels are separated into “islands” created by man-made waterways, which meander through the development, allowing for recreational boat access and water taxis for transportation.

Our metaphoric water design is inspired by the adjacent Hangzhou Bay, and the flowing Qiantang River that feeds it. Hardscape walkways meander like streams and softened, angular elements represent the worn shells along the ocean shoreline.

Given that this is an amusement park destination, we wanted to carry over the aspect of play into the residential gardens through diverse wet and dry children’s play areas. Our Director of Asia Projects, Peter Yen, couldn’t help but participate in that fun!



Peter and I enjoying ourselves at the Sales Center!

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