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Lifescapes employs specialists who ensure consistent delivery of projects with exceptional quality, beauty, and attention to detail.

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Realizing the unique design direction for a project is crucial; we use charrettes to work with the ownership and the consultant team to gain consensus. Our horticultural experts are an integral part of this process, by continuing the vision through planting design.


Physical & 3D Models

Understanding the design in 3D is critical. We prepare computerized and physical landscape study models as a tool to visually demonstrate the design intent. Our in-house model department is lead by incredible specialists that design and build many of their own materials from scratch.


Construction Documentation

To translate the vision into something buildable, we coordinate with all appropriate disciplines involved and implement technical drawings using all necessary technologies.


Plant Material Selection

Helping the owner and contractor procure the best plant materials, our horticultural experts take pride in the selection and travel the world sourcing the best plant material for each unique project.


Art Direction

To ensure the design intent is achieved, we are there on-site to direct and oversee every aspect of the installation and arrangement of planting and hardscape materials.

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