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Pendry West Hollywood – Modern Elegance, Classic Hollywood

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With so many new hotels arriving in the Hollywood area, we are reminded why visitors go there. For one, the weather is some of the best in the country, and tourists want to experience the perceived “Southern California lifestyle,” which has been a playground for the rich and famous for over a hundred years.

That is why the overriding design concept for the Pendry West Hollywood was to create a landscape environment that felt OF West Hollywood. Although it harkens back to an earlier time, it is a truly a modern interpretation of the homes and hangouts of Hollywood’s stars and moguls during its golden age.

Drawing upon the local character that is a hallmark of the Pendry brand, Lifescapes International really took it to heart in examining the historic community where the hotel resides. It was very important that the landscape design drew from the surrounding residential neighborhoods. With their lush, detailed, and intimate characteristics, deeply rooted in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s motifs, one of the first things you notice is that only a slight glimpse of the homes is offered through gates in tall green walls of foliage. It was key that we mimicked this feeling, so we used layers of 10’ & 15’ tall Prunus hedges to surround the hotel’s entry Piazza, giving the arrival experience that feeling of hidden residential luxury.

Extremely large specimen oak and sycamore trees peek above the hedges, hinting at the intimate spaces they create within, while conveying the idea of a landscape that has been growing for generations. Below this, textural shrubs, succulents, and sculptural planting offer a fresh, modern counterpoint, while giving a detailed human level experience as you move through or relax with a drink in the gardens. Then, in another nod to the era’s residential style design, the guests arrive onto a rich expanse of an Art Deco-inspired, black-and-white patterned paver motor court that extends seamlessly from the street into the hotel lobby. Period detailing also emerges as you move through the space, with custom bronze and wood gates that create doorways in the hedges, offering passage to exclusive venues like The Britely Social Club.

Once you enter the hotel, the modern, yet familiar, Art Deco style runs through the common areas and connects up to the rooftop pool and destination restaurant, Merois. Reaching the top floor, guests emerge from the elevator to a 180-degree view of the surrounding city, extending out to the Pacific. The drama continues with the flush-edge swimming pool that we arranged with steps that run the entire length so guests can descend in and recline, while taking in the panorama. In the surrounding area, clusters of eclectic, contemporary pottery and planting nestle groupings of seats, with freshly colored fabrics and umbrellas, continuing the period vibe of the interior design. Potted hedges and discreet gates complete the residential style of the pool area and offer further exclusivity to The Britely’s rooftop lounge, with views of the Sunset Strip.

Whether it is taking in the sunset around the pool or an event under the night sky in the Piazza, guests of the Pendry West Hollywood will find a destination that is thoroughly today, but truly feels part of the historic fabric of the city.

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