Lifescapes International


“A Lifescapes-created environment is always a one-of-a-kind experience possessing the profound power to entertain, surprise, delight and transform.” — Don Brinkerhoff

Bellagio Resort and Casino, an internationally respected five-star resort, is a 3,000-room hotel property with a Mediterranean-inspired garden estate setting, complete with the world famous choreographed water “spectaculo.” Lifescapes introduced WET to Mirage Resorts to design the fountain show, and then world-renowned Kenny Ortega was engaged to choreograph the dancing waters.

At the heart of Bellagio is a whimsical and seasonally changing conservatory garden which is the centerpiece of this luxury property. Monthly garden stories feature dramatic plantings with seasonally complementary accessories, which entice guests to return throughout the year for a difference experience.

A tremendous conservation effort by the Lifescapes team salvaged several hundred mature trees from the old Dunes hotel golf course. They were nurtured and maintained until they were able to become part of the permanent installation of the picturesque promenade along the Las Vegas Strip.

The elegant pool area, featuring six pools, is complete with three Lifescapes’ inspired, Vicenza-carved stone fountains.  Twelve sculptured arches located along the central promenade define each distinct pool area. Relaxing pools, soothing spas, garden vista cafes, and private cabanas are accented by artfully formed citrus and parterre gardens. The formal use of plantings along with groupings of Cypresses, olive trees and climbing vines in large unique Mediterranean urns define the gardens’ unique characteristics.

This exquisite destination raised the bar for future resort development along the Las Vegas Strip.