Lifescapes International

Casino Mine Ranch Winery

Casino Mine Ranch is a wonderful Northern California estate vineyard with a rich family history. When we were brought in to design the landscape, we wanted to respect the surrounding natural beauty of rolling hills and vineyards. It was intended to feel purposeful and natural, yet informal. In open areas where traditional shrub planting wasn’t necessary, but a more natural planting feel was desired, we utilized an annual/perennial wildflower hydroseed mix.

The existing Valley Oak tree on the property is several decades old, standing majestically at 75′ tall and over 40′ wide. The surrounding landscape had to complement the tree and keep it as the dramatic focal point of the site.

The pathway leading to the tasting room is adorned with welcoming plantings of rosemary, jasmine, and agaves, surrounded by Coast Live Oak, Crepe Myrtle, Strawberry, and majestic London Plane trees. Adjacent to the tasting room, a spacious artificial turf lawn spanning 5,000 square feet offers a picturesque view of the natural pond, home to water turtles and fish.

We incorporated decomposed granite for the planting and seating areas, utilized natural pavers for pedestrian walkways, and repurposed boulders, stone, and river rock to create sitting walls and planter accents. The challenge was striking a balance between hardscape and softscape, but the use of these natural materials successfully achieved that harmony.

There is also a classic ‘Wine Truck’ parked on the property which acts as another bar to fill patrons’ wine glasses. Ultimately, the design centers around creating several comfortable gathering areas for guests to sit, stand, and enjoy the beautiful surrounding landscape while enjoying a glass of wine.