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Civita Masterplan Rec Center

Civita Rec Center is a private facility for the exclusive use by Civita homeowners and their guests. It captures the essence of a resort destination, complete with a spectacular lagoon pool, lap pool, covered cabanas, and two spas. Residents sit among the impressive collection of trees and shrubs which bring the center to life, such as sago palms, king palms, coral trees, tree aloe and olive trees. Variegated acorus, Japanese blueberry, bird of paradise, variegated hibiscus, and dwarf heavenly bamboo are just some of the tens of plants and shrub varieties that create natural walls that line the pool and seating areas.

The covered patios are perfect for year-round picnics and BBQs. There’s even an outdoor screen for summertime movie nights. The indoor kitchen, clubhouse, gym and multipurpose room spill out to the patio where residents can relax in any number of outdoor seating areas, or congregate around the fire pit on a cool night. Never at a loss for something to do, residents can enjoy the recreational activities, ping pong, pool, shuffleboard and arcade.

Civita rec center is a homeowners’ paradise, set in their own backyard.


Photo credit: Harrison Photographic