Lifescapes International

Hillsdale Shopping Center

The newly expanded shopping center in San Mateo is home to 120 dining, restaurant, and retail choices.

The outdoors is an extension of the indoor mall, designed as an all-season entertainment space. The multi-purpose, large garden-like setting has places to sit and socialize, play, eat in cozy terraces, and stroll along the garden path and grand lawn.

The project’s commitment to art is evident throughout. There is a large rock, art “sculpture garden” installation carved by artist, Ken Hiratsuka, who designed the space for kids and adults to explore. Beniamino Bufano sculptures are also sprinkled throughout the shopping center.

Intended to be its own art piece, the heart of the project is the spectacular, choreographed water show fountain set among tailored landscape planting (designed by Lifescapes International and built by Outside The Lines). The shape mimics a giant leaf, the “inlets” provide seating and a fire pit, and planting “islands” surround the dancing waters. The gathering and seating areas invite guests to sit and gaze at the water feature or walk around it to experience the installation from a variety of viewpoints, as if it were an art piece in a gallery.  In the goal of attaining LEED certification, the fountain uses reclaimed water which is captured, treated and redistributed to the fountain, using an on-site reclamation tank-filtration system.

Large trees provide shade across the many walkable spaces and an upper terrace and food court have a glass wall to overlook the gardens and water feature below.

An oversized event lawn (of artificial turf) allows for numerous activities, like ice skating, holiday tree lighting, or concerts in the park. Overhead, there is festoon (“Café”) lighting to create an intimate space.  This multi-use expanse provides endless, ever-changing options for the owner to provide activities that delight guests all year long.