Lifescapes International

Rockefeller Center Channel Gardens

Installations from 2015 – early 2019

Situated among a complex of 14 commercial buildings on the west side of Fifth Avenue in New York City, in the middle of the 200 ft. plaza promenade, are the beautiful and imaginative Channel Gardens that are the central axis of the center. The six granite pools, each with bronze-cast fountainhead sculptures of Tritons, Nereids and sea creatures, were designed by Rene Paul Chambellan.

The gilded bronze statue of Prometheus, sculpted by Paul Manship, hovers over the sunken plaza; and its companion piece; Atlas, by Lee Lawrie, sits as a forceful expression of authority in the Fifth Avenue forecourt. All of these components are part of the heritage of this iconic destination. We designed alternating garden scenes which accented the well-known historical art and fountains and offered NYC residents and visitors of all ages dynamic, colorful, floral settings ranging from the very whimsical to more formally floral.

From the Easter lilies that adorned the gardens in early April, to the joyful pink ducks that floated in the fountains in Spring. To the tropical 8′ high custom dragonfly which hovered amongst the array of bromeliads in the summertime to the golden hued abundant marigolds in September and the deep blue hydrangeas in Autumn.

In December, the vibrant red sparkling bands of ribbons caressed the lushly green foliage that connected the holiday angels (Designed by Valerie Clarebout in 1954, and always part of this seasonal celebration) and the statuesque and jolly winter snowman stood poised in late January. These gardens brought a resurgence of appreciation of this significant and treasured American urban destination.