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The Americana at Brand

“We don't want to build town centers; We want to build the center of town.” — Rick J. Caruso

A public-private partnership project with the City of Glendale and Caruso Affiliated, The Americana at Brand is a 15.5-acre regional landmark situated in the heart of the city and features a 2-acre generously landscaped, vast open central public park at the project’s center and battery-operated trolley rides through the main square and around the perimeter.

Abundant mature trees, colorful flower beds and a beautiful dancing fountain (Waters of Americana) with the Spirit of American Youth sculpture by Donald Harcourt DeLue rising from the center make up the centerpiece. Integral to the property is 238 apartment homes and 100 elegant condominiums with lush garden and pool areas, seating surrounding an outdoor fireplace, 75 shops and boutiques, 17 restaurants, a multi-screen theater complex, children’s play area and ample parking.