Lifescapes International

The Works

The Works is a 190,000 sf, 4.4 acre, retail center that was in need of renovation. The open spaces were transitional in nature; they were flat and concrete with uninviting areas to sit which didn’t offer guests a place to gather or spend a significant amount of time on the project.

Our design team’s priority was to create garden-like settings that encourage shoppers to spend more time at The Works and by doing so, offer increased exposure to tenant services. We wanted to change it from a quick lunch-time spot into a destination-oriented environment.  Comfortable seating, shaded gathering areas and a generous play area helped reinforce this ideal.

An “S” shaped trellis structure provides an anchor to the main plaza and offers cozier seating to congregate around.  Additional focal points include a water feature, an intimate turf lawn with comfortable bean bag chairs to relax in, and an activity area away from parking that offers kids a safe place to play and parents a comfortable place to watch.

A vibrant, bright color palette and geometrical shapes accent the areas. The many trees, including sycamores, camphors, and arbutus; help define the spaces, offer shade, and transform the vehicular space into a more people-friendly gathering destination.