Lifescapes International

Wynn Palace

The romantic, contemporary design features formal, tailored, lush gardens and vibrant floral patterns, while the floral theme spills out from the interior, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor space.

The perimeter landscape consists of 12m double royal palms, while the North, South and East entries are lined with fragrant citrus trees.  The entire property contains over 2,300 trees, obtained from around the world and shipped in from Australia, Thailand, and mainland China.

Several garden environments make up the property; the executive office courtyard, with sculptural lattices, showcases two specimen pomegranate trees. The Sky Gardens overlook the China Sea- two, mirrored lush parterre gardens with focal garden gazing balls and potted Dracaena draco trees.

Five villa gardens, each with their own 40 m long private pools, feature arching laminar stream fountains, terraced lawns, and undulating topiary hedges, representing a dragon pattern.

The Performance Lake is the heart and electricity of the resort that calls everyone in. Everything in the design was to create an environment that is visually open for people to see from gondolas, rooms, and restaurants, as well as pedestrians and vehicles on the Cotai Strip.  The main pool is set on podium at the base of the hotel tower to be a step-down garden that overlooks the fountains.  At night, it’s also a viewing area for the spectacular water show.