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Resorts World Las Vegas Part 2 – A Hidden Paradise

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One thing that makes a world class resort so inviting is that it creates a destination with an aura of aspirational fantasy. It offers the public something they cannot experience in their everyday lives, inspiring guests to extend their stay to keep that feeling of escapism going. Visitors expect Las Vegas resorts to offer a seemingly endless array of curated entertainment, dining, and relaxation venues that cross the spectrum of age, taste, and activity level. That is why we are excited that our design helped craft a rather special oasis in Resorts World Las Vegas, a property that will welcome all who want to experience the newest excitement the city has to offer.

Opening within Resorts World Las Vegas, the Zouk Nightclub and its companion, Ayu Dayclub, will present the most state-of-the-art and immersive indoor and outdoor experience of any nightlife venue in Las Vegas. Collaboratively working with Resorts World Las Vegas and Zouk Group, Singapore’s leading lifestyle and entertainment company, along with club designer ICRAVE, our charge was to create an eclectic, yet refined, Southeast Asian-inspired garden and pool environment that referenced the brand’s Singapore roots, while creating a dynamic space to play and be entertained by the world’s most prolific DJs.

Everyone wants to be by the water, so pools are naturally a popular attraction. Designing them is a tricky task, but in the case of a dayclub, the challenge is compounded by the fact that guests want to have a front-row seat to see the DJ, while dancing and pulsing to the beat with the crowd around. Line of sight is crucial, as is creating elevated viewing areas so the audience has unobstructed views. People feed off the electricity of the surrounding crowd, so ample congregation areas are a must, but not so massive that you lose the sense of intimacy, organization, and direction. And since dayclubs are open during the hottest span of the day, proximity to shade, cabanas, bars, and most especially pools is paramount for guests to cool down whenever needed.

So how do you go about creating this functionality while cloaking it in a feeling of a lush, lively tropical oasis? That is where experience is paramount. We have long designed this type of venue and have extensive experience in the Las Vegas climate.

Picturing a Southeast Asian landscape of rice terraces and cottages nestled in palm trees, Andrew Kreft, Lifescapes’ Director of Design, worked with ICRAVE to conceptualize a terraced environment that is more akin to a village. This eclectic layout features gently stepped levels with clusters of cabanas, garden bars, and swimming pools, as well as the FUHU Bar & Restaurant terrace, all focusing on the stage and central pool.

Then, there is the challenge of creating a tropical-feeling plant palette in a desert, where those types of plants and trees cannot survive. We used strategically placed Canary Island Date Palms for their rich green color, shade, and canopy that still allow views of the stage. An assortment of palms, including Lady Palms and Sago Palms, and several types of large and small bamboo were weaved together to create a graceful, lush backdrop. To ground all of this in a more human-level detailed scene, we scattered shrubs like Foxtail Ferns, Flax Lily, Aralia, and assorted succulents around to bring a wild, exotic, and jungle-like vibe.

From the incredible design style to the variety of plants exclusive to the venue, Ayu Dayclub is truly a hidden jewel of Resorts World Las Vegas.

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