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The Waterfront Redondo Beach

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Lifescapes is honored to be designing the landscape environment for The Waterfront Redondo Beach, which will encompass shopping and restaurants, lagoon renovation, theater, boutique hotel, pier enhancement and office space, as well as reconfiguring the pedestrian and traffic flow.

With 11 acres of landscaped open spaces and gathering places featuring play areas and abundant seating, it’s the perfect location to sit and gather with friends, absorb the magnificent coastline view, stroll along the pathways, and create new experiences. In addition, Lifescapes is designing fully-programmable, open environments for movies or concerts in the park, art shows, community events and so much more….

Lifescapes understands the importance of showcasing the historical significance, and maintaining the integrity of the surf community, while infusing a modern, vibrant, urban energy.  We are using materials appropriate and reflective of the unique architectural style and preserving the sincerity and casual comfort of the coastal environment.

The extensive historical significance has not been lost on our senior landscape designers, and the team, who realize this birthplace of surfing in the early 1900’s brought booming business into Redondo Beach, creating the neighborhood coastline residents and visitors have grown to love.

The harbor and water connectivity is important to the shoreline, and we were asked to add value to the community and stimulate a sense of place. Adding a public marketplace will bring in visitors and locals alike, and rejuvenating the public lagoon by removing the seawall for clean seawater to enter will provide year-round recreational activity.

“We have a responsibility, not just to our client, but to the residents and guests who will enjoy the coastline for generations to come, to help bring it back to what it once was- an amazing, scenic, bustling coastline, a place not just to visit, but to make memories.”

It is our honor to be a partner on this endeavor to take The Waterfront Redondo Beach experience to the next level.

Check out the video for more detail on this amazing revitalization:

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