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We Say Goodbye to a Beloved Family Member

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Last week, we lost a beloved Lifescapes International family member, Chris Ralko, who was a Principal and 21-year veteran of the firm. She led the accounting department and was part of the backbone of our company.

Some of her greatest joys were traveling to Michigan to visit family every summer and taking a trip to Cape Cod every September, where she enjoyed 2 weeks to herself. She was a fixture in the town, staying in the same hotel, relaxing on the shores of Massachusetts, and shopping in the local bookstore.  Reading was one of her favorite pastimes, and her annual vacations gave her ample time to enjoy it.

Lifescapes President, Julie Brinkerhoff-Jacobs remembers, “Chris loved ‘antiquarian’ books! We had planned to go to an antiquarian book fair this coming January, and I shall miss this opportunity to be with her there.”

Chris also loved her backyard patio garden and the squirrels and birds that visited her often, so much so that she collected bird feeders she scattered around to attract them, so she could enjoy the sounds of their songs. She was especially fond of Christmas Cactus plants, and Julie would share flower seeds with her.

Office Manager, Jackie Bouvier recalls, “She was such a giving person. She would return from Massachusetts with fudge for my dad who was originally from the East Coast. Her generosity for someone she never met made her a one-of-a-kind lady. I was fortunate to have known her.”

She survived by her children and grandchildren, who were the most important people in her life. Her devotion to them was boundless, and she lit up as she talked about their accomplishments.

Always calm and peaceful, COO/EVP Dan Trust remembers her as a “sea of tranquility.” Not easily rattled, she was a welcome breath of fresh air in the office. We will miss her gentle nature and warmhearted demeanor, and will forever be connected through the memories she leaves behind.

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