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Pendry West Hollywood Residences

Adjacent to Pendry West Hollywood Hotel, and across the piazza, the 40-unit Pendry Residences step down Olive Dr. to Fountain Ave. The slope created the opportunity for many of the residences to have one-of-a-kind private garden terraces with spectacular city views. Ranging from 430 sq. ft. to 3,800 sq. ft., these patios feature extensive entertaining space and lawn areas, outdoor kitchens, fire bowls, raised spas, and vanishing edge pools. Color tones are grey, sand, and cream with pops of orange, which complement the architecture.

Every effort was made to create the illusion that the private terraces are planted on the ground, rather than on rooftops, so residents feel more like they have their own private yards with promontory views. Artificial turf is low maintenance and provides a constant green understory.

To create an eclectic ambiance echoing the surrounding neighborhoods, the plant palette of each terrace varies in inspiration, from desert contemporary to lush tropical, featuring Kentia palms, dragon trees, African sumac, evergreen dwarf pink plumeria, and gold mound lantana.

All residents have access to a 4th Floor central garden space, “The Park,” which is visible from the main lobby. The communal lawn and accent planting come together to descend down the changing grades of the space on Corten steel-edged steps, both blurring the lines of landscape and architecture, as well as creating topography in a thoroughly architectural space. Ficus, Japanese blueberry, kentia palms, naked coral tree, tree aloe, dwarf agave, jade, and flax lily adorn the area with layers of verdant planting.

Guests can also relax at the 14.6’ x 50’ white porcelain-lined, flush-edge rooftop pool and spa with spectacular views of the Hollywood skyline.


Photo Credit: LaFlamme Media