Lifescapes International

Phoenix Palace

The exquisite masterplan boasts a French classical style with beautiful courtyard gardens and seven majestic fountains. Bordering the Phoenix Peak mountainside, the grade changes and elevations create natural vantage points for gardens with stunning views.

From the moment you enter the roundabout with the magnificent arched gateway to the property, you know you are somewhere grand. Elaborate paving and granites of different finishes make up the hardscape, while courtyard gardens surround various “neighborhoods” inside.

Just beyond the gateway lies a 105ft (32m) long, custom-designed (and fabricated by Craig Bragdy Design), hand-carved clay tile fountain, surrounded by rich parterre gardens and clipped hedges. The scene in the fountain symbolizes the nearby Yellow Sea, with patterns reminiscent of a coral reef in resplendent hues of blue.

The 14,000sf (1,300sm) water garden, at the end of the main fountain, serves as a central courtyard, providing a visual reward to those who live in the towers above. Custom patterns in the hardscape and water garden were inspired by classical motifs, decorative tapestries, and chateau ceilings. From above, the view is beautiful, but the water garden also has graduated levels of height to allow for picturesque appeal to those on the ground. There are seating areas within the fountain for guests to relax and enjoy the visual splendor.

Phoenix Palace provides plenty of areas to relax or stroll. Throughout the property, paths lead to courtyard gardens, gathering areas under structures and shade gardens. Urns and balustrades line the walkways, and flourishing Ginkgo trees abound for beauty and shade.

Everywhere you turn, you are greeted with another visual masterpiece of textures and patterns.