Lifescapes International

Robinsons Galleria Cebu

This unique, multistory shopping destination is walking distance from a vibrant and active harbor, and emphasizes and features the landscape environment “front and center” with its lushly designed gardens.

Showcasing their thought leadership, the cutting-edge owner Robinsons Land Company stated that “nowhere in The Philippines has any other developer focused on the verdant aspects of a landscaped garden for any interior mall.”

Within the air-conditioned environment, Lifescapes combined flourishing trees, shrubs and a variety of floral species, all woven in between the pedestrian walkways, cafes and shops, so that visitors can eat, play and shop in a garden “paradise.”

Additional amenities such as a colorful, floral, inlayed, oversized guitar and interior columns landscaped from top to bottom contribute to generating a sense of fun and create the “WOW” factor that delights the shoppers and visitors.

At night, celestial lights add a glow to the gardens and illuminate the outdoor pathways, offering the perfect place for a plaza and promenade.